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Our Services


  • Rent Collection

      1. Notices emailed, mailed and placed on the front door 10 days prior to the end of month
      2. Rent collected in person, via mail, wire, or electronically (additional charges may apply to the Tenant)
      3. Rent Ledger updated per individual Tenant
      4. Separate bank accounts held in escrow for Tenants Security Deposit
      5. 3 Day Notices sent automatically if payment is not received
  • Brokerage Services

      1. Our goal is to rent to the most suitable Tenant possible offering the maximum market rate rents and favorable Landlord Terms
      2. Tenants are pre qualified prior to any Lease Executions including Tenant credit check, criminal background check, bankruptcy check, Landlord/Tenant court issues, and financials.
      3. All documents are filed, scanned, and digitized for easy retrieval
  • Expenses / Disbursements / Banking

      1. All vendor invoices are reviewed and if qualified paid on time
      2. Mortgage Payment (if necessary)
      3. After all accounts are settled, disbursements to the Landlord(s), Trustee(s) or designated appointee
      4. International disbursements are handled by the World Bank, HSBC
  • Customer Service

      1. 24/7 point of contact for both the Landlord and the Tenant
      2. In case of an Emergency, due diligence will be done to mitigate any damage that may arise.
      3. All incidents are reported and logged. Once a solution is found and executed a separate journal entry is made detailing the fix, if necessary
  • Monthly Reporting / Bookkeeping / Accounting

      1. All income and expenses, including petty cash, are entered into the Landlord’s Quickbooks File
      2. Reports are sent out the first week of the following month. Included are progress reports, incident reports and financials.
      3. Accounting/Auditing services, if needed, are provided by a licensed CPA.
  • Building Maintenance / Monitoring

      1. All vendors, contractors and agents insurance(s) are reviewed prior to allowing work to be done.
      2. Monitoring vendor performance, punctuality, response, and reliability
      3. Management of current staff ensuring that the proper guidelines are met. *NOT included* staff salaries.
      4. If necessary, training and hiring of new staff members
      5. Monitoring and ordering inventory of supplies needed to ensure a clean and well maintained lobby, sidewalk, and common areas
      6. Weekly minimum inspections of spaces, build outs and common areas
  • Legal Services

      1. Commercial Leasing allows the Landlord to gain the best attainable rental terms
      2. Landlord/Tenant Litigation ensures that the Landlord reduces the Liability of occupied spaces not being paid
      3. Tax Abatement ensures a constant legal litigation to ensure the Landlord has the best possible Real Estate Taxes
      4. Violation Removal and Litigation (if needed) we resolve outstanding issues and mitigate potential for any new violations
      5. Document Drafting and Review including Service Agreements, Contract Reviews, and Procedural Agreements
  • Construction Services

      1. Temporary fitouts – Office fitouts, Partitions, bathrooms, Kitchens, for short term use.
      2. White Box – ensuring vacant spaces are staged for maximum rental potential upon a tenant vacating the space.
      3. Alteration Agreement Package created and and sent to all Tenants prior to commencing any construction work.  Package includes all requirements from the building management before construction can commence. I.e Insurances, Licenses, Plans & specifications, Building rules, security deposits, building contacts, building hours, building holidays.
      4. Building emergency systems – preparing the Building for emergencies such as power failure and backup, water supply, and failsafe hallway lighting.
      5. Building maintenance – Facade restoration i.e Local Law 11
      6. Intercom/Security – preparing the Building for remote management and visual inspection for day/night time as well as reduce costs for Insurance
      7. Construction management – to ensure all construction work is closed out and properly filed with the NYC Dept of Buildings, and building rules & regulations.
  • Seasonal/Weather Services

      1. Snow Days all snow to be shoveled and salt added to the sidewalk
      2. Rain Day all entrances to be covered with carpet and mopped several times
      3. Extreme Weather Preparation to board glass entrances with plywood
  • Vendor Services

      1. Digitizing, negotiating and maintain outside service contract(s) including Local Law 11, Elevator, Boiler, HVAC, Sprinkler and Fire Suppression
      2. Inspections to ensure there are no issues with the current equipment and possible new regulations
      3. Registration and paperwork to be filed each year for all systems
  • Refuge Services

      1. All Garbage Recycled according to the Department of Sanitation Rules and Regulations
      2. Garbage to be coordinated with City or Private Sanitation (does not include separate Construction Sanitation)
  • Energy/LEED Services

      1. Convert Commercial building to a LEED Certified Building to reduce expenses in fueling and heating as well as higher rent potential
      2. NYSERDA program to reduce energy footprints and reducing costs (if feasible and economically viable)